Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Stress et Compagnie© Program accessible to all?
Yes, it is very easy to follow. You are guided step by step through the program.
How long does it take?
The program requires only 2 hours to be completed. Two hours may be interrupted as the program records the steps and allows you to continue from where the participant stopped at its last session.
What technology do I need to complete the program?
You will need an internet connected computer. This could be a PC or Mac.
What software do I need on my computer?
You need the following browsers:
  • Windows Explorer 9+
  • Safari (It can happen that Safari runs badly on some program tools)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
How will I benefit?
Stress et Compagnie© will teach you how to develop personal plans of action to deal with stress. You will be able to create and manage these plans of action using the program.
Is it possible to stop being chronically stressed?
Yes, by recognizing what is causing us stress. It is important to understand that being chronically stressed has an influence on our way of perceiving future situations. The first step to eliminate chronic stress is to recognize the reasons why we are stressed and then foster resilience*. The Stress & Compagnie© program was specifically developed to help you with this.
How much does the online program cost?
Only CAD $12.99 for 1 year access.
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