Find out how Stress and Companie© helped people reduce their stress in the workplace.

Stress et Compagnie© has been developed by researchers at renowned international centre study on human stress (CSHs), based on the results of more than 23 years of highly specialized scientific research on stress in humans.

Stress et Compagnie© provides individuals with the tools they need to cope with stress as it manifests itself and helps prevent the onset of chronic stress disorders.

Stress et Compagnie© is a scientific tool that allows you to understand what is stress and how to use this knowledge to control your daily stress. Through a series of interactive and highly educational exercises on the web, you will learn to identify the sources of your stress and to develop strategies and techniques to take control and reduce your stress at work.

Program Features:

  • Identify your stress triggers
  • Learn how the stress system works
  • Apply knowledge about stress through exercises to help you discover the source of your stress
  • Acquire techniques to control your stress
  • Build a customized plan of action to reduce stress

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